Kids’ songs

The new version of kids’ songs is available in iTune store now. New user interface with lyrics.

If you have any problem using the app, please contact us. After you problem solved, please kindly remove the one or two star rate in iTune store. Thanks.

*********Font options in Kids songs:
you can double tap the current playing name part to invoke the font selector to choose your favorite font type, size and color.

Q. I have purchased the package, where is my songs after i reinstall the app or update to new version?
A: If the app removed from the iPhone/iPad the local authentication will delete, so you need to go through the purchase process again to get the authentication from apple’s server, we will not charge you again.
Q. No sound?
A: Please make sure your iPod app has sound on your device. If still no sound, try to drag the trackball on the bottom of the app, that is a sound control bar.

14 thoughts on “Kids’ songs

  1. I purchased the 53-song package and lost it after the upgrade.
    After deleting the app and reinstalled it. I still can not recover the songs I bought.
    Please advise.


  2. this is the worse thing ive ever bought… look at the words to Jimmy Crack Corn.. are you kidding me?…. i play one song 2 times in a row and then all sound stops, i have to close the app and reload it… i want my money back.. i bought the 150 son set


  3. tell me how to recover after deleating app.. i purchased all of song.. but I couldn’t reinstall song that was purchased before.. what should I do?? tell me how to recover them..-_-::


  4. I recently updated your app. However when I uploaded the song package I was charged again even though your app said i wouldnt be This is very frustrating. I would like you to refund the 2.99 price. I will wait to post my comments regarding your app. Pending your reply.


  5. i bought the large song package and the songs do not load at all – please explain how to fix this, otherwise this is a simple rip-off


  6. i have same experience–> i play one song 2 times in a row and then all sound stops, i have to close the app and reload it… very troublesome.. if ur not gonna fix this, pls i want my money back.. i bought the 150 songs set


  7. Having the same problem as the above…. The songs play for a few minutes then it locks up & stops. I have to quit and reload several times. What’s the deal? My daughter has cerebral palsy & doesn’t understand why it stops. Please help.


  8. Downloaded the app free version but it does not show on iPad icons. Shown as downloaded cannot delete it because ca. not. Find it and cannot. Download it again because it appeared as already downloaded


  9. To whom it may concern:

    I have purchased “Kids Song” last May 20, 2012. My iPhone got speaker problem, so I went for repair, but they changed a new phone to me. I did make a backup on all my apps in iCloud. But after recovering from backup, I can no longer find the apps “Kids Song” that I purchased from your company.

    How can I reinstall back your apps without being ask to purchase again? I cannot retrieve your apps in App Store because there are thousands of kids song from different company available on Apps Store. Can you please help?

    Order Number: MHL3F4MV3Y

    Receipt Number: 183033487849

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!



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