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或有任何iPhone/iPad app 或 internet+mobile整合服務的開發需求,


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  1. 您好!使用過您的網路第四台,英雄所見略同,這也是二年前計畫要做的事,很高興您把它做出來了,本公司最近也積極的做相關網路電視台的製作與開設,想借重您的專長,希望有合作的空間,期待您的回覆!
    游牧霖 2012.11.06


  2. Can 網路第四台 app play on iPhone 5 or iPad with retina display (which use ios 6 system and has no build in youtube)? How do I make this app work on iPhone 5 and new iPad?


  3. 目前人在國外,這2天程式不管是IOS或是android都顯示無法連接伺服器,請問是否在升級伺服器或是???


  4. 我之前花費美金1•99 採購網路第四台,但是昨天突然不見了, 然後我又再次到APP𥚃面找到此網站又再次購買一次價格1•99 ,但是很奇怪它裡面什麼都沒有也沒法download所以請問該如何取得畫面。謝謝!


  5. I paid $1.99 too but it is not working anymore, maybe it is another small company trying to run away without telling anything to its customers.


  6. I have bought this app 網路第四台十 and downloaded to my ipad 3 version. I can watch the video clearly, but no audio. I have also adjusted the audio volume bar to the maximum level at the bottom of screen and made sure the volume on my ipad was on. I still have received NO audio at all.

    Please advise me of your suggestion..


  7. 請問:


  8. Hi Developer ,

    您好,我們是TA media-隸屬於台灣大哥大的行動廣告公司。

    TA media了解開發者,我們的專業技術團隊,提供您高穩定度的SDK。
    (TA media官方網站尚在年度更新中,故暫無營運。)


    TA Media期待能有與您進一步洽談的機會;

    This is TAMedia – belonged to Taiwan Mobile CO. , which is the leading carrier in Taiwan.
    We are reaching you for mobile ads cooperation.

    TAMedia knows the best about what developer cares.
    Both our android and iOS SDK could be fully compatible with AdMob Ad Network Mediation, and they are of high stability.
    While our official website is now being updated, it’s temporary not available.

    If you are willing to, we could discuss the CPC, CPM, or any other methods that monetize your APPs!
    We are looking forward to this opportunity.

    Should you have any questions, feel free to respond at any time.



    address 台北市基隆路二段172-1號7樓
    tel (02)66386888 #16902


  9. Hi, I paid for this app & now suddenly, i cant open the app as no more movies available. can you please let me know what’s wrong?


  10. 我已经电邮过两次给你们了,但却都没回复…
    我买了你们的apps iphone版和HD版…但却很多节目都没办法看到!


  11. 兩天前更新了最新版本的網路第四台HD,之後點了想看的視頻縮圖,可是視頻不會播放,就出現一個旋轉的圓圈,等了幾個小時都沒有開始播放。試了好幾個不同的視頻還有不同的網路都是一樣。前一個版本除了不會自動播放下一個視頻之外,其他都正常。請盡快修復。我是一個付費使用者,而且每天都要用到這個App。謝謝,感激不盡!


  12. 我目前仍用舊的 iPad 1代…..
    之前有購買 網路第四台hd app,在4.3.1的版本一直穩定使用中
    但在九月份不小心更新 5.3.0 後,每次使用都會一直閃退,無法使用, 請問該如何解決, 謝謝!


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